Python Automation -Automate wallpaper changes for Linux and Windows.

I have written simple web crawler using python automation which takes search string from you, searches google images for latest high resolution photos and set it as your wallpaper. I have modified it with minor changes so that you can also download first 100 high resolution pictures for particular search term in your computer, instantly! (well, that really depends how fast your internet connection is)

How to download Subtitles for your movies and series in one click for Windows

If you are Movies or TV Series buff just like myself, you must have found yourself in doing ritual of copying filename, heading to browser and downloading subtitle manually, unzipping it and loading them in VLC from Internet many a times. What if you could just right click on file and say download subtitles and computer will get them for you then and there in flash of an eye, wouldn’t that be great? I will guide you to do this exact thing in your computer within 10 minutes, don’t believe me, keep reading!