How to download Subtitles for your movies and series in one click for Windows

If you are Movies or TV Series buff just like myself, you must have found yourself in doing ritual of copying filename, heading to browser and downloading subtitle manually, unzipping it and loading them in VLC from Internet many a times. What if you could just right click on file and say download subtitles and computer will get them for you then and there in flash of an eye, wouldn’t that be great? I will guide you to do this exact thing in your computer within 10 minutes, don’t believe me, keep reading!

This is the result I hope you will get after following this how to guide.

So let’s get started quickly!

There are 3 steps in this process,

  1. Installing Python in your machine.
  2. Placing in C drive and one simple cmd file in sendto application list.
  3. Error removal, if any!

1. Installing Python in your machine

Head to python official website and download python 2.7 and install it in your system. Process should be straightforward. Python will be installed on your machine at ‘C:\Python27’ directory if you didn’t change it while installation. Next thing would be to add this python executable in windows environment variables so that we can directly use python command in command prompt.

Right click on My computer and go to properties -> Advance system settings -> Environment Variables. It will look something like this. Select Path and click on Edit button.

Then click on New and add 2 path in there ‘C:\Python27\’ and ‘C:\Python27\Scripts’ (or directory in which you installed python)

I am using Windows 10, if you are using different version of windows, environment variables windows might seem little different but process would stay same more or less. If you still face any problem doing this step, follow this thread for more.

To make sure, environment variables was updated properly, open cmd and give ‘python’ and enter. If you enter into python shell something like screenshot below, it is successful and we can move on to second step.

2. Placing in C drive and one simple cmd file in sendto application list

We are going to use simple python script written by Manoj and hosted here on Github. Follow the given GitHub link and download the project in your computer by clicking on ‘clone or download’ button provided on right side. We are only going to require 2 files out of project, Subtitle.cmd and

First of all, copy to C: drive and subtitle.cmd in sendto folder (sendto folder can be accessed by typing shell:sendto in address bar) as shown in below screenshot.

3. Error removal, if any

To make sure everything works as we want it to, we will test run from command prompt. Open cmd and navigate to C: drive and run script.

If everything goes smooth, you will get output like this. As script requires movie or episode name as argument, it is showing this error. We don’t have to worry about this as when we will use this script from actual folder, we won’t get this error. If you get this as output, you can skip following steps and directly try right click -> send to -> subtitle to get subtitle instantly in same directory.

If you get error of some missing module like below, we have to install those missing modules and fortunately it takes only one command to install that.

In screenshot above, our python setup is missing ‘requests’ module, we can install it by simply giving command ‘pip install requests’ and enter. Similarly install all missing modules and try running again.

If you further get ‘permission denied’ error for log file like as shown below, it means that your user account do not have permission to write in C: drive and you can simple skip logging by opening and commenting out code related to logging. Just comment out all the lines starting with ‘logging’ by placing # in front of them. (or you can simply delete those lines)

If you followed everything mentioned above, you will be having running setup of one click subtitle downloader in your machine. If you like this article, do share it with your friends and let everyone get rid of ritual of downloading subtitles once for all.

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See you in next article!

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