Android Continuous Integration and Delivery – Next level Android development

If you are working on Android project with team of 2 or more and pushing and integrating code on daily basis on VCS, you must use Android Continuous Integration to make your life easier with all those build fails, error and basic test executions. Every time someone pushes code, Android Continuous Integration will build and run unit tests automatically on server and notify you of any errors instantly (it will notify you for successful build as well). How cool is that?

Do’s and Don’ts for Beginner Android Developers

In last couple years, there has been increasing demand for Mobile application developers in software industry, specially Android and IOS, so naturally many developers are trying their hand in same. Android, holding the biggest market share in mobile market, is the favorite choice for many developers. Being Android Beginner Developers myself since last year, I have committed many mistakes which I shouldn’t have and would like to share some do’s and don’ts for Beginner Android Developers.