Migrating existing SQLite implementation to Room

Room is a persistence library introduce by Google in this year I/0. Room makes it extremely easy to work with SQLite in your android application and worth giving a shot if you are using SQLiteOpenHelper as of now for handling data in your app. Migrating your current implementation to Room is, surprisingly, very easy. Google has provided samples for this here, but I personally think it’s too much code for such simple task and it can be explained easily.

How to store Java Objects in Room Database? Detailed guide.

If you have been following Architectural components introduced in I/0 2017, you must already be familiar with the Room Persistence Library which provides you abstraction layer over SQLite to provide smooth database access and using SQLite with full potential. If you are not aware or don’t know how Room Database works, I would recommend reading this article which shows the very basic usage and implementation of Room Database in your android project.

Great Android App Architecture [Part 1 – Introduction]

Google has introduced new exciting Android App Architecture Components in this years I/0. I have been playing with those since the day they were announced and excited to share with you my experience with them! Great Android App is every Android Developers dream!